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Soundwave Research Laboratories is involved with acoustic devices in the subsonic, sonic (audio) and ultrasonic domains.

Ultrasound is the world of sound above the range of human hearing, in some cases very much above. The human ear has an upper hearing limit that rarely exceeds 20 KHz. Common ultrasound devices often operate at 20 MHz, (1000 times higher than a person can hear) and even up into the GHz range.

We have many years of experience with medical ultrasound, and in particular, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). IVUS is an established and successful imaging mode that is used to look deep into the arteries of the human heart to detect and measure blockages, so that drug eluting stents can be precisely implanted and studied in detail.

Our ultrasound mission is product oriented: All of our work in this area is geared toward commercial products. These innovative medical ultrasound devices may include transducers, catheters, tissue characterization hardware, and proprietary algorithms.

Company staff have a long list of accomplishments in the ultrasound field and were innovators technical development of the world's first human-rated IVUS system, and have continued his work in related areas such as Optical Coherence Tomography, tissue spectroscopy, in-vivo microscopy, and other ways to look at the human body and other materials.

Our laboratory is exploring new applications for in-vivo ultrasound with an emphasis on disease detection, drug activation, and therapy.