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RFvenue brand launched at Infocomm

Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc:  News item relating to company brand and mission at RFvenue. Link

Soundwave Research supports New55

Ashland MA: Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. has announced its commitment of support to next-generation analog imaging technology being conducted by The New55 Project, which is inventing new photosensitive materials and techniques for high resolution focal plane photography.  Details of the project can be found here at New55.

Shure Acquires Crowley And Tripp Ribbon Microphones


Niles, IL, and Ashland, MA, April 6, 2009: Shure Incorporated, the venerable manufacturer of microphone legends like the SM57 and SM58®, today announced the acquisition of Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones from Soundwave Research Laboratories of Ashland, Massachusetts. Under a definitive agreement, Shure now owns all intellectual property, microphone process equipment, product designs, and other important assets related to the Crowley and Tripp line. Shure will manufacture ribbon microphones in its Wheeling, Illinois, facility using the revolutionary, patented Roswellite tm shape-memory acoustic ribbon material developed by Soundwave Research.

Crowley and Tripp Microphone Technology used for Cancer Study - 10/6/05

Robert J Crowley, an inventor in acoustics and medical diagnostics holds a miniature ultrasound probe model developed at Soundwave Research Laboratories. Crowley also holds a lifelong passion for music and recording.